Translations and publication of the Kurdish poet Salim Barakat's
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Early 2019, I visited Diyarbakir Turkey, the heart of Sufism in Turkey. Behind the city's ancient and crumbling
Wall, in the Old City of Diyarbakir, the people of Diyarbakir still pray at the city's ancient Mosque. And, there in
the Old City, Diyarbakir still entertains a traditional life-style. I was intrigued and overwhelmed by what I saw. It
was quite incredible.

There in the Old City, I met with Dr Hasan Karacan, the founder and publisher of the journal that had accepted
and published two of my articles on Salim Barakat. He informed me that his journal had accepted and would
publish yet a third article, also on the Syrian Kurdish poet Salim Barakat. Dr Karacan speaks and writes four
languages, Turkish, Kurdish, Russian, and also English. I was grateful that he knew English so well, and
actually publishes in English, not just Turkish, Kurdish and Russian. Again, I was overwhelmed. This time by
this scholar's great knowledge, his extensive knowledge of various cultures, and insights into the workings of
                                                                                                                                - Aviva
The International Journal of Kurdish Studies - Diyarbakir Turkey
have been publishing my articles on the Kurdish poet Salim Barakat

Butt, A. (2019). Salīm Barakāt’s Intermediary Existence: His Poem Mahmūd Darwīsh. International Journal of
Kurdish Studies 5 (1)
, 328 – 358  DOI: 10.21600/ ijoks.516511

Butt, A. (2018). The Unimaginative Symbols of Salim Barakat  
International Journal of Kurdish Studies 4 (1), 44
– 69 (August 2018).  DOI: 10.21600/ijoks.383376          

Butt, A. (2018) Empire, Split Ethnicities, and an Explosion of Poetry.
International Journal of Kurdish Studies,
Volume 4 - Issue 1 - Jan 2018
.  DOI: 10.21600/ijoks.383376
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